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At S & K Solid Wood Doors our highly trained team have extensive experience in manufacturing the best Slide and Swing Door aluminium door on the market. Each of our doors are made to measure to your exact requirements, no matter what kind of door you want we can create the perfect aluminium front door for you.

Aluminium: The popular choice for modern doors

Aluminium is one of the most durable and robust materials available making it ideal for front doors that see extensive use day in and day out. Therefore, homeowners will want a material that can retain its look and integrity with heavy use over an extended period of time, which is where aluminium really stands out from other materials.

Aluminium doors can provide:

  •       Excellent security and protection from potential burglary
  •       Longevity and durability over many years
  •       Impressive thermal insulation properties
  •       Require minimal maintenance

It is no surprise that you will often see aluminium used for doors in commercial and retail buildings. So, why not take advantage of the extensive benefits of an aluminium door for your home?

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