Slide and Swing Door

Sliding doors,
also known as sliding glass doors or patio doors, are large glass panels that slide horizontally to open and
close. They are often used to provide access to outdoor spaces like patios, decks, or gardens. 

Swinging doors are doors that pivot around hinges installed on one side of the door frame. They swing open and closed
like traditional doors.

Advantages of Swing door vs Sliding doors

A.Sliding Door 

1.Space saver :
these doors will not block any external space like swing doors. These make sliding doors an ideal choice for rooms with
little space. However, sliding doors are also ideal for spacious wardrobes where multiple hinged doors are not suitable.

2.Design options:
Sliding doors are not only practical but also have many aesthetic advantages. Sliding doors come in many styles and
designs, and there are many types, including doors that can be opened with rounded corners, folded or straight to choose
the appearance.

3.Will not hit the wall or furniture when opening, unlike classic doors

4.No need to install the door frame, the opening remains untouched.

B. Swing Door :

1. A variety of models
Among all types of doors, swings have the most choices. In addition, the price range of swing doors is impressive, and you
can find the cheapest and most expensive models in this category.
2. Simple and reliable mechanisms
the revolving door can last a long time. The whole design is not very capricious, can withstand many open/close cycles.

3.Easy maintenance
If the hardware fails, it can be easily replaced with new parts and does not necessarily require professionals to install it.

Easy installing
According to proper knowledge, the installation of swing doors is very simple and there should not be any difficulties.